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Welcome to A One of a Kind Petting Zoos

A One of a Kind Petting Zoos **We are a Mobile to you ONLY petting zoo . WE ARE NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC**

What's HOT this year? Goat YOGA! Yes that's right Goat YOGA! We provide small friendly goats to enhance your yoga experience. Have your instructor give us a call to set up the hottest trend in YOGA! We also offer FIESTA BURRO also know as a "water" donkey at your event.  Greet your guest with a friendly donkey and get the mood set for your spectacular event. Picture opportunities are boundless!

Vacation Bible School, 4th of July and HOA Event Season is HERE! Be sure to book one of our Petting zoo's mini donkeys, riding donkeys or pony carousels for YOUR big summer event.

We have great packages that are perfect for your indoor or outdoor event. From cute cuddly critters to riding donkeys we can make your event exceptional! We also have packages for your Vacation Bible School, Kindergarten Rodeos, In house Daycare Filed Trips, HOA 4th of July parties, Summer parties, School Spring Carnivals, End of School Events and Kiss the Pig Fund Raiser as well

The kids get to pet and feed the petting zoo animals for a fully interactive experience. Do you need a donkey for Jesus to ride to bring your story alive? We have several riding donkeys to choose from. We also have cute mini donkeys for hand led events.

Pony rides and pony carousels are also VERY popular attractions for SUMMER Events.

We provide gentle animals for many Plays and Productions.  For both indoor and outdoor events, we can provide donkeys, mini cows, mini goats, sheep, rabbits, cute mini piggy's, chicks and ducks.  Our live animals bring life and realness to any play!

Have you ever wondered why a pigs need to roll in the mud or how a ewe sheep’s wool is made into a sweater? Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer your animal questions. It’s a great idea for any school or library learning unit. We have all sorts of animals for parties that are sure to keep your guests entertained. We have petting zoo’s for parties and every size event. From Private birthday parties, corporate events, single animal appearance’s and even commercials, we have your event solution.

A One of a Kind Petting Zoo also offers pony rides, pony carousel, pink ponies,unicorns,theme ponies and petting zoo's at competitive prices. Whether you’ve come to pet a cute friendly critter for the first time, learn new things about farm animals, or just be entertained by the comical antics of the gentle petting zoo animals, you will discover the whole different world that is "A One of a Kind Petting Zoo".

If you're hosting a birthday party, holiday event, picnic, corporate event, school function, commercial, animal photo shoots or a visit to the nursing home for someone who needs a cuddly animal visit, we can accommodate. We travel from our location to yours. You haven't had a one of a kind event until you've rented "A One of a Kind Petting Zoo", your very best traveling zoo.

USDA Licensed and Fully Insured

A One of a Kind Petting Zoo.com Call now 972-617-3948
Visit our other site: http://aoneofakindponyparty.com/

** Deposit/Form of Payment: DUE to the high rate of NSF checks and checks issued on closed accounts, we NO LONGER accept PERSONAL CHECKS. Payment can only be accepted by CASH, MONEY ORDERS, BUSINESS CHECKS, CHURCH CHECKS OR DAYCARE CHECKS.
Deposit shall be NON-REFUNDABLE. Deposits and contracts must be received within 3 DAYS of booking your event date or the reservation will be removed. Deposit will be credited towards and reduce the cost of the event accordingly. THE DEPOSIT IS HALF OF THE EVENT TOTAL.
Cancellation Policy: No monies will be refunded if the event cannot open or be completed by reasons of riots, civil disturbances, fire, extreme and/or dangerous weather conditions, an act of God, public emergency, act of a public enemy, strikes or any other cause beyond control of A One of a Kind Pony Party. Group may reschedule event date by proving no less than 48 hours written notice to A One of A Kind Pony Party. IF CANCELLATION IS NOT RECEIVED WITHIN 48 HOURS THE PAYMENT IS DUE IN FULL. In the event of weather related cancellation or rescheduling the 48 hour written notice will be waived, however, cancellation due to weather must be received within 24 hours prior to the start of the event, if cancellation is not received within 24 hours the payment is due in full. One half of paid deposits will be credited towards a re-scheduled event for up to 90 days of original event date if cancellation falls within the weather cancellation guidelines stated above. Events that cannot be re-scheduled within 90 days of original event date will forfeit all paid funds. Replacement booking will be rain or shine. No refunds or credit will be given towards another event if replacement booking is cancelled.
PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE UNABLE TO DRIVE OR PULL TRAILERS IN ANY ICY CONDITION. It is not safe for the staff, animals or equipment. The animals can and will die from over exposure to below freezing temperatures and trailers will jackknife leaving us stranded on the road while traveling to your event. In the event of ice we will call ahead of time to reschedule your event. Your deposit will be credited to the rescheduled event for up to six months of the day of your event.
Event Setup: Group shall provide adequate areas for staging pony carousel, pony ride, petting zoo and parking of horse trailer NO FURTHER THAN 20 FEET FROM SAID AREAS. Group shall provide adult supervision for petting zoo's, pony carousel's and pony ride. Warning signs will be posted advising parents of release of liability at all events. Hand washing stations will be provided at all events. Payment is due when we arrive at the event. We will be unable to setup until payment has been made. We are sorry for this inconvenience but this keeps everyone on schedule. If we must wait for the payment, the time will be reflected in your event time. If it is indoors, the group shall provide and dispose of all floor coverings needed to protect the floor surface from damage.

Gas Mileage: We do charge a $1.00 per mile ONE WAY travel charge from our location. If your event is over 60 miles or more one way we charge .75 per mile round trip. Our zip is 75165, we use Mapquest to verify the mileage.

Please note that once the agreement is signed you are unable to downgrade your event. We will be happy to upgrade your event (add to) if we have what you are needing available. If you choose to downgrade your event after your event is booked you will be responsible for the original booking rate. WE NO LONGER SERVICE THE CITY OF PLANO. If your event is outside of Plano it would be our pleasure to be of service **

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